Our Advantages

Detecting Method for Fundamental

The best algorithm of detecting sound frequency,
Fastest and highest accuracy
speed: 0.01s / each time
Accuracy: 0.01cents

Fast multi-tone Detection

Rapid detection 10-tones fundamental waves with 0.03s

MiDi Technology

It brings you product: tabs, midi drums, rich rhythm ect.
All instrument sound, content common. And so no

Tabs system

Design by Midi tabs And Fast multi-tone Detection

So you can change any midi song to tabs,And play tabs games by your instruments

Our Philosophy - Learning Instruments

Funy and easy to do.
Any where and Any Cansduty it
Let you Love it and keep together with it
All of them is for behavioral memory

Our production capacity

We have 11 years of hardware production experience, Next step we will provide some assistive products improve the experience, And to expand the instrument type


To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.


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